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About Us

Since establishment in 2007, TransArabia Pharmaceuticals has become a leading wholesale distributor serving all seven emirates from our headquarters in Dubai.

our mission

Our mission is to redefine the patient experience in The Emirates by introducing essential, innovative, and life-saving medications to the UAE medical community. We are committed to improving the health and quality of life of patients who need special medications that are not available in the UAE.

Our rapidly growing portfolio

We cover a range of therapeutic areas including surgery, oncology, gynecology, pulmonology, dermatology, ophthalmology, pediatrics, and intensive care across a variety of finished dosage forms.

2011-2020 av. Annual Revenue Growth
Deliveries in 2020
Our Partners

Jiangsu Hengrui Medicine is a leading pharmaceutical company in China, and a front-runner in cancer drugs, contrast agents, and surgical medicines. In 2018, Hengrui was listed in Forbes top 100 world’s most innovative companies, and ranks top 30 in the global pharma industry.

Polifarma operates Turkey’s most comprehensive and modern production facility for parenteral solutions. Currently Polifarma is manufacturing more than 50 products in different therapeutic areas.

Altan Pharma is a specialty pharmaceutical company that develops, manufactures and markets injectable medications.
The company holds over 140 product registrations with over 20 active new products in development.

DEMO is the top producer of pharmaceuticals in Greece. The Company specializes in production of injectables, and exports its products to 96 countries.

Fisiopharma is an Italian generic drug manufacturer. The Company specializes in high-activity drugs and narcotics with a main focus on production of solutions and powders for injection.

Farmak is Ukraine’s largest pharmaceutical company in terms of reveue, founded in 1925. Farmak launches 20 new drugs annually, with over 220 drugs currnently in the Company’s portfolio.

Your AGENT in The Emirates

  TransArabia has realized exponential growth since inception due to its dedicated management team, who have held executive pharmaceutical positions with reputable hospitals across the UAE. Our management is committed to the expansion of the company’s portfolio of clients and suppliers. 


TransArabia has a leading regulatory affairs department, fully equipped to register medical devices, OTC products, controlled drugs, and POMs including biologicals and biosimilars.


Members of our sales team each have over 10 years of experience in the UAE pharmaceutical market. Our medical science liaisons are graduates of biomedical and pharmaceutical science degrees from top North American universities, fit to launch products of any complexity.


We ensure the fastest possible delivery to the hospitals and clinics in our country-wide network. TransArabia caters to the immediate and long-term needs of the UAE medical community.

Partner with us
At TransArabia we are always looking for new products to grow our portfolio.
Strong partnerships with new worldwide suppliers are critical to our future strategy.

We strive to change the patient experience in The Emirates by continuously bringing new medicines to market. TransArabia is looking for new business partnerships with generic manufacturers, leading global companies, and biotechnology firms eager to expand in the UAE. By working together, we can bring products to their full market potential through our vast distribution network.

As one of UAE’s most reputable pharmaceutical distributors, TransArabia has unparalleled expertise in management, regulatory affairs, and marketing. Our approach will maximize growth and foster successful, long-term partnerships.

We are committed to availing new medicines in the UAE every year. Much of our focus is aimed at patients with rare or uncommon conditions, requiring medicines that are not yet available. Increasing access to specialty pharmaceuticals gives doctors treatment options that were previously nonexistent, changing the lives of patients in the UAE.

73 suppliers

Our global supplier network allows us to efficiently source any pharmaceutical or consumable product. We deliver on all requests from small orders to large tenders.

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    1st St., Bin Shabib Bldg.
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    Phone: + 971 4 285 7405
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    1st St., Bin Shabib Bldg.
    Umm Ramool Area, Rashidiya
    Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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